About US

About Us

Feather Pendants is jewellery orientated merchandiser created by its founder Kush Shah through a philosophy based and directed through the Japanese word Kaizen, meaning change for the better and continuous improvement. It was at the bright age of 16 that Kush started Feather Pendants from his mother’s spare bedroom, as through a keen interest in fashion noticed a considerable gap in the market for an affordable street style inspired accessory brand. Thus, years later what we have now under the moniker of Feather Pendants is a street luxury jewellery brand devoted to quality craftsmanship and experimental designs, trailblazing the way for creative imaginations manifestation.

Our showroom is currently based in Hatton Gardens, London's famous jewellery district. Alongside this, we have a strong team, deeply rooted in London's creative scene with an unmatched eye for fashion and fine details, which has taken us near and far, a brand local investment made for the world.

Our Mission

Feather Pendants mission is to fuse elements of high fashion with art and music to create jewellery pieces that have both a premium feel and hold true to our cultural roots. We don’t shy away from where we come from, whilst always looking for opportunities to grow in new spaces. We thrive by creative divergence.

The Process

Feather Pendants is where timeless design meets expert craftsmanship from being designed in our London showroom to being produced in Jaipur and Hong Kong. Each of our pieces undergo a vigorous quality check, we make sure to use sustainable metals such as sterling silver and stainless steel in all of our designs. With all of our sterling silver designs hallmarked at the Assay Office in London to confirm its 92.5% purity. Each item is then hand packaged into FSC certified ECO-friendly packaging and sent directly to your door.

Our Family

Our family tree is built up of an applaudable community of style enthusiasts and new generation creatives of an array of multicultural backgrounds, our pieces can be seen on cultural icons and featured in numerous magazines and fronted by artists across the globe! The FP brand has been worn by the likes of Pierre Bourne, KSI and next, most importantly we hope it shall be by YOU! A Feather Pendants piece is one you can keep forever, joining a caring family that spans far and wide.