Native Spirit - A Symbollic Collection


Native Spirit is a symbolic collection, designed to reinvigorate spirit. This has been achieved through its unique craftsmanship with a handmade thirteen-piece sterling silver collection of jewellery, combining bold enamel colours and semi-precious stones. Modern creativity meets the timeless symbolism translated through the emblematic arrows and feathers on show. Strength, liberty, protection and spirit are the roots of cause for what this collection offers, streaming a consciousness of freedom through every piece. Every piece in this collection holds the enthusiasm of an elemental nature that have been recognized by civilizations since time immemorial. Through the original experience of transforming inspirations into ideas, Feather Pendants' vision of beauty is revealed through these sophisticated and refined designs. Embrace your Native Spirit and the inherent call to express your nature through the designs you choose to wear!

Feather Pendants Jewellery Enamel

FP has brought the collection to its origin, reimagining its first-ever pendant - the iconic Feather Pendant seen in a new light. Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver and inlaid with an enamel arrow, it is a piece encapsulating what we are as a brand that recognizes courageous roots and truthful individuality – a piece fitting to delight its wearer. The collection also includes a range of feather themed jewellery with a ring, earring, cuff bracelet and a neck torc with luxuriant designs and curvatures for all to admire.


Feather Pendants places craftsmanship at its core. They combine the process of enamelling and the use of precious stones such as topaz and garnet in every piece cut, polished and set by hand to create a gender-fluid collection for all!




Every collection begins from a story, an idea or a eureka moment! This one began gazing at a beautiful sunset overlooking the grandiosity of Mother Nature in the five million-year-old canyon in Arizona, The Grand Canyon. The inspiration for Native Spirit arose from observing the Navajo Nation, one of the largest tribal nations in the United States, a great people who are admired for their high calibre silverwork. With the Native Spirit collection, I took key elements of hope, freedom and strength shown by the Navajo nation and infused them within Feather Pendants' unique workmanship while simultaneously taking the collection home and staying true to our brand roots.