Our Lens

Introducing "Our Lens" 

More than a fifth of the global population is now working from home during the global fight against COVID-19. We want you to stay home, stay safe and enjoy a collection of nostalgic images. 

Creative campaigns often require models, the outdoors, a studio and as the world goes through a global change we thought we should present a different photo-series for you. And so our creative director and very talented photographer stumbled upon a collection of old film cameras that once belonged to his Grandfather. 

Introducing "Our Lens" a creative photo-series combining pieces from our latest Colour Fade Capsule with vintage Zorki film cameras made in the Soviet Union between 1948 and 1978. How better to contrast our colourful modern chains than next to these iconic vintage cameras. 

Through "Our Lens" we give a different perspective to our environment especially during this isolation period In which we are forced to perceive things differently as the world has changed. 

Stay home, stay safe and enjoy "Our Lens."