Presenting The Glacial Ice Capsule

In a breath of fresh air Feather Pendants' breeze of 'cool' is vindictive of their highlighted and reinvented new collection of FP's immensely popular Ice Capsule, an ice blast on the streetwear accessories circuit. The hand-paved sterling silver collection endures a refined treatment of Moraine stones and glaring Cubic zirconia pieced together, element by element to form a new and improved showcase of fine street-inspired jewellery. The Glacial Ice Capsule. 

A nationwide lockdown has not deterred Feather Pendants spirit for innovative creativity that expounds on ideas. With the brand having been welcomed by a global audience of loyal lovers and budding enthusiasts it has been nothing but a building demand for the Hatton Garden based Jewellers. FP's crafted pieces carry a personal timeless touch, whilst still being pieces affordable enough to still yearn for. Holding true to the art of craftsmanship FP’s pieces brings you as much joy in the confinement of your own space than on the open scene, impressing the nature of your own personality.

Rolling into the Spring/Summer season, The Glacial Ice capsule forges together three brand new pieces, with two key enhanced renditions of the Roller ring dubbed 'Morraine Roller Ring' and  Glacial Baguette ring' - two statement pieces from the first Ice capsule which have been ingeniously moulded to add a new edge and evolved treatment to the collection. Feather Pendants also deliver a new debut ring, an intricate 925 sterling silver octagon frame assembled with hand-picked Cubic zirconia stones, with some stones dripped in the alluring Moraine blue and set in and amongst the clear sets.

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