The Buckle Collection 3D Campaign - An interview with Liam James

The Buckle Collection 3D Campaign - An interview with Liam James

Feather Pendants presents an interview with Liam James. A frequent brand collaborator, co-creative visionary of the FP brand whose photography, videography and 3D Art brought to life our AW21 Buckle Collection.

The Aussie native teamed up with founder Kush Shah, sharing a seamless creative direction to propel the new season collection into the 3D realm.
Immersively bringing our gold & silver bracelet rising out of a bed of water, rotating in mid-air and fastening itself the same way it would on your wrist!

A 3D space is a perfect reality to capture the fine details of The Buckle Clasp, to see the tiny crocodile details, and to visualise how it seamlessly slots together to form a bracelet.

We got the chance to catch up with multidisciplinary creative Liam James about his thoughts on the new collection, his journey into photography and his views on the future of 3D animation. 

Where are you from?

I was born in Australia, moved to the UK when I was very young and at the age of 4, I went back to Australia with my family until I was 21.

Describe how your passion for photography started?

I first picked up a camera in school when I was sixteen where I would document me and my friends skateboarding I know, very cliché. As I got further into my schooling, I focussed more on my academics than my creativity and didn't pick up a camera again until I was about eighteen in University. This is where my true passion for photography started.

 So I heard you've taken your photography around the world? Where did you go and how did you end up here?

I made the decision to pack my bags and travel to Los Angeles, California - leaving everything and everyone I knew behind. I had to take a leap of faith and put myself in situations where I could succeed. I had enough money to live in LA for one month which then turned into three months. The second week I arrived in LA, I had the opportunity to shoot supermodel Winnie Harlow as well as live rap concerts with well-known artists Iann Dior, IDK, Internet Money, Denzel Curry. Once my ESTA Visa expired I took the jump once again and came to London.

Our AW21 Buckle Campaign Captured by Liam James

You are a man of many talents, not only photographing our latest campaign but also taking our buckle bracelet into a new 3D Space. What are your thoughts on the Metaverse? 

I think the metaverse is the future of marketing. Every piece of visual content, whether that be still image or moving image, will be used in some shape or form through the metaverse which makes it an exciting time for all artists and entrepreneurs alike

Photography or 3D which one is more fun? 

Both photography and 3D have their elements of fulfilment, but I would have to say 3D is more fun because the possibilities are only limited to my own imagination. I can create an entirely new universe with my art that way.

How has your journey changed you and what's the aim? 

Throughout my photography journey, I can confidently say I've found myself as a person and as a creative. It has allowed me to develop my own personal aesthetic/style and it has also given me the ability to be multi-faceted throughout different mediums of Photography. I aim to empower and inspire brands & individuals to help showcase their true self.