Daniel and Kay London's Pioneering Creatives


This week FP Talks shifts the spotlight onto two of London’s creatives - Kaymaybelline and Daniel Desouza - pioneering in both the music and fashion industry. We took to the streets of Hatton Garden to shoot an incredible photo series that plays with tones to create warm tropical vibes with contrasting cooling blues featuring our iconic resin pieces and a gentle peak at our unreleased Cloissone Cuban Ring Capsule! We got the chance to talk to both Daniel and Kaymaybelline about their unique personas and ventures in the music and fashion industry.

What would you say has been responsible for you’re curiosity fuelling your creative endeavours?

Kaymaybelline: Ever since I was young I’ve always been singing/rapping; making remixes of popular songs on the TV. It started off with me doing it to make people laugh, but then people started to tell me they actually like it and would then even go on to singing it themselves, that made me curious as to what else I could create.

Daniel De-souza: I would say not fitting in, feel like I was always on some different shit but I would tone it down. As soon as I accepted that It’s not a problem not to fit in, that was the point where I started not caring and I started showing my creativity more in the way I dress.

Kaymaybelline, your hit track “Maybelline” is an unusual sound to come out of London city! How would you best describe your unique sound? Does it fall into any particular category and is it time for London to discover a new genre for your sound?

Kaymaybelline: Yeah it’s an unusual sound that I think London’s ready for they just don’t know it yet! There definitely needs to be a new category for my sound because it doesn’t exist yet, I’m sure there’s some underground artists that have wanted to sway into my sort of sound but due to there being no foundation or genre for it, they shy away from it and go back to the typical London sound. London needs to wake up and realise that the cities got the potential to make world wide music, I think it just takes an artist like me to change it and push my sound to the big platforms so they can see the full package and understand how much of an impact this can have; not only on London city but on the world, but I can’t do it myself! It’s going to need everyone to push it as well! It’s time, let’s have some fun and show the world urban London really has a stylish side to it and it’s not just tracksuits and crumpets.

Daniel, when it comes to fashion you have an incredibly unique style and vibe especially with some of your jewellery pieces. How important a role has jewellery played in expressing your personality in your outfits?

Daniel: Thank you bro, now you know I feel naked without my pieces on, can’t leave the crib without them. jewellery plays a very big part in my style, you will see me with all different types of rings and chains all round my outfits, whether I’m just going to the shops or in the dance it’s an everyday thing, tells you my mood straight away. In this world most things go off first impressions, I’m a ROCKSTAR and you will see that as soon as I step out.

Kaymaybelline, you recently released a vibe of a single “Rox” what is the track about and what can we expect from you for the rest of 2020!

Kaymaybelline: ROX is the name of our movement, so after releasing my debut track Maybelline, it was only right for me to release my track “Rox” next to introduce that to the world too. The track is about how you can jump on our ship, but you can’t steal our wave! You can help us steady the sail, clean the ship and drive the helm, but the wave that I’m floating on you cannot take, this oceanic route is occupied haha!

When was your first encounter with Jewellery and Feather Pendants?

Kaymaybelline: My first encounter with jewellery was during my early teenage years, as we had to wear uniforms so everyone looked the same, that made me add little details to my uniform such as bracelets, different earrings and chains. My teachers used to always want to take it off me as it was against their ‘policy’ but y’know, that made me wanna spill harder haha.

My first encounter with Feather Pendants was when Daniel brought me through to the office and I got to see the different pieces that were there, and I realised I’ve been seeing people wear Feather Pendants all along this was 2019.

Daniel De-Souza: funny story about Feather Pendants, I had a chain off a girl I was dating at the time, I would wear it all the time, I didn’t even know it was Feather Pendants until my boy solo took me to the studio, so I’ve been rocking Feather Pendants from time.

With jewellery feel like we have been playing around with it from school wearing big earrings, remember one time even putting a chain on my school trousers and getting it taken from me as soon as I walked into school.


If you were both to make a piece of jewellery in the form of a spirit animal, what would it be and would it be silver or gold?!

Kaymaybelline: Mine would be an owl because an owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge which pretty much describes me as a person. I’d make it silver as I love silver, golds cool, but silver is the underdog, which isn’t always a bad thing!

Daniel: It has to be a Tiger for me because I’m very unpredictable and I act fast, silver of course.