FP Talks: CVSS

Meet CVSS, a London based DJ known for shutting down events.

What do you feel is exciting about the London scene?

For me, the London scene is exciting because out of all the places I have played at across the world, we seem to be the only place who isn’t afraid to mix all types of genres in one set, literally go from trap to funky house. There is so much going on here and there is such a go-getter mentality. I think the most exciting thing is that every can curate their own opportunities.

Is it something you feel has influenced your DJing?

100%, I’ve been able to have the confidence to not be afraid to mix genres. Or genuinely play what I want to play. In the UK there is also the biggest radio culture in Europe I find which also heavily influenced me to DJ (used to work for kiss FM)

Apart from seeing your name on what feels like every lit event poster in London Town, have you got a favourite party which you will never forget DJ’ing at? 

 Ayyy lol hmmm you know what there is quite a few I think for me in terms of energy and set I would say the set I did in Glasgow for Peach with JYOTY, until this day I have never experienced a crowd like it and the energy omg I have been chasing it ever since haha, for London I would have to say RILLA is my favourite place to DJ as there is always a good vibe and never any trouble and then I obviously have dope friends who throw parties such as the bossy girls and Taylah Elaine which for me is always fun and you will always hear sick music.

You’ve been seen DJ’ing across the world in places like Coachella, Applesap in Amsterdam, Italy and of course some of London’s most well-known venues. Is there one place in the world you’ve wanted to play and yet to spin there? 

 This is a hard one for me because I literally Have a list of places I want to play. I think Atlanta for me would be one of the Major goals I just love the richness of music there and the scene just down to strip clubs and how they party. I think if it had to be for an event of festival then it would have to be rolling loud in America or I actually like to play house too which a lot of people don’t know so a major festival like Sonar would be fun.

We remember shutting down London’s Hoxton Basement together for our London Fashion Week afterparty, is that the first time you had come across Feather Pendants?

Yessssss it was a shut down haha!!!! Actually I have seen some of your stuff on a good friend of mine Shamel so I’ve seen it about and also on a shoot. So I have had my eye on you before!

 If you were to make a piece of jewellery in the form of a spirit animal, what animal would that be and why?  Also, would it be made from Silver or Gold? 

It would be a Sphinx, I love cats and I love the Egyptian history. For me, that would represent the animals' spirit watching over me and protecting me (as Sphinx used to guard temples/tombs) and it would be ohhh this is hard because I like to wear a lot of silver but I think this would mean more if it was in gold.