FP Talks: Joshua Caviar

FP Talks 

Creative Feature: Joshua 

Field: Artist / Model / Creative

Introducing Joshua (@Caviargabe) a London based artist, model and pioneering creative. Dive into his views, see his story and explore his creative outlook. Enter the mind of the creative and read what the man himself has to say below! 

Q&A = Music / Style / Fashion
Josh, it’s clear to see you’re a man about town. Wait, furthermore, Johannesburg too! Tell us a bit about yourself?
What’s up Guys  - Okay well first off, I’m a mixed breed, in my entirety
Mother being British Jamaican, Native American and father being British French,
I actually grew up in South Africa  Where life hit a whole other spectrum, seeing both poverty and wealth and coming through alive has been a true moulding factor for me and that’s why I can never give up, I’m 23, a musician, artist, I love to see other people smile and especially if I can influence some positive light and motivation within another.

It’s always been important for us to push boundaries, we’ve seen you do the same and transcend norms, all under the creative umbrella. Is this important for you too? 
Yeah, it’s completely important to transcend the norms of what society sees as acceptable but also the guidelines that many adhere to because I believe we all have our own definition and we should always be ourselves 100% of the time but through creativity, we are able to express this in every such way.
You seem to work with your close friends creatively on your projects, in both fashion and music. What does it mean for you to be able to be creative?  
Honestly being creative and working with other creatives is something so important to me because without it I would probably not be here, it’s a way in which helped me find myself, understand what I want and as I said also to express that I’m not trying to live within the norms of society, only above it.
We saw your striking works with photographer Hylton Boucher, how did you feel jewellery affects your shoots, this one in particular?
Haha, I’m blessed that you liked the images, jewellery is such an important part of me, it’s kinda like if I’m not wearing jewellery I feel naked, if my hands and neck aren’t feeling some weight on them it doesn’t feel like I’m fully ready to leave the house lol - Luckily The homies hooked me up with some pieces big up to FP for that and my rings are like my storytellers, each one from a different destination.

Feather Pendants is always doing it’s best to think one step ahead, what’s your next step? Also, what can we expect from Josh / Caviar Gabe for the rest of 2020? 
Well, currently I am working on two single releases followed by an EP launch coming mid-year, been working on some music videos and just actually exploring my capabilities because I believe I’m capable of anything and I just want to tell my story.  I will be hosting a hopeful collaborative exhibition along with Ep listening party Mid-year too and I just hope to perform as much as possible throughout.

If you were to make a piece of jewellery in the form of a spirit animal, what animal would that be and would it be made from Silver or Gold?

I truly fuck with gold because it never depreciates but white gold is my thing, and I would probably make a chain with a hella crazy looking dragon on it. I’m all about mythical creatures x
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