FP Talks: Shot and Styled

FP Talks

Creative Feature: Shot and Styled 

Field: Photographer and Stylist

For our second interview, we approached none other than the talented Shot and Styled. Based in London, Shot and Styled focuses her work on young creatives in the music and fashion industry some of which can be seen below. We had the pleasure of having her shoot our latest Anarchy Collection. Hear what the girl behind the camera has to say below! 

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So, Your Instagram name is intriguing... Tell us more about that? 

So I studied fashion styling and creative direction at university, and I wanted to showcase my work. I was shooting all my own stuff and styling all of it at the time, so the name just seemed appropriate for what I was doing.

It’s taken us a while to get together and shoot, When did you first get acquainted with Feather Pendants?  

It's actually quite funny cos a lot of the models I was shooting for my own work were wearing feather pendants jewellery. And I always used to say the pieces they were wearing were hard. Then you guys messaged me and we finally got to create some content!

We’ve been told our pieces have always connected with people, Has Jewellery played a relative role in your personality? 

100%. Jewellery for me is another extension of my personality. I have a ton of piercings and jewellery for me finishes off my outfits. Especially my chains and rings, I feel naked without them.

You’ve got some amazing ink, would you say this is an arm of expressionism for you? 

I always said If I was to get tatts, I'd go all out or just not have any at all. I feel like people think if you get a tatt, they have to be really deep/meaningful, but I don't really have thought process when I get mine. A lot of them are just pieces of art I f*cked with, or my fav music/films etc. 

How would you describe your style in three words? 

deliberate, enigmatic and comfy.

If you were to make a piece of jewellery in the form of a spirit animal, what animal would that be and would it be made from Silver or Gold?

I feel like people would say something sick like a dragon or cheetah but I loveeeee otters, there so chill and a big mood, so I would definitely get that in silver.