FP Talks: The Life of Teej

Creative Feature: lifeofteej
Field: Photography


For our latest FP Talks Creative Feature we got the chance to meet up and chat to Teej. Introducing Teej, a London based photographer from Zimbabwe! Heavily involved in London’s underground music and fashion scene, Teej is known for capturing the likes of Potter Payper, Sam Wise, Kilo Jugg and numerous other artists! We had the pleasure of having Teej shoot our latest jewellery campaign for our statement Cuban Chains and colourful Cloisonne Ring Capsule.

Q&A with Teej

So Teej, for those of us who don't know you, tell us a bit more about yourself?

I guess I’m Teej or TJ and I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I’ve been living in London for the past 7 years and as a photographer for the past 2 years. I was born in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare, but moved to Mutare when I was young. Living there was very different to London as it’s a tiny town surrounded by mountains. It was beautiful and I miss it. I draw a lot of my inspiration for photos from these days when I was young. Now living in London as a photographer I’ve been working on growing myself as an artist and working in the music and fashion industry.

A few fun facts about myself, I love food more than life! Especially pasta or burritos. Alongside food, my favourite choice of footwear would have to be Air Jordan’s, arguably the best shoes. If I wasn’t taking pictures of people I would definitely be capturing images of old muscle cars. I’m also allergic to shellfish, especially prawns!


How big is your camera collection and which one is your favourite to shoot on?

Atm I got 5 cameras and honestly I love them all but my favourite pictures have been from the RZ67.


What is your creative process and photography style?

My creative process is very influenced by childhood memories and nostalgia. I try to create concepts that will be timeless and at the same time spread a message that can be interpreted in many ways. Overall photography style Id say is editorial/documentary.


Regarding this campaign with Feather Pendants, what was your inspiration for these particular shoots?

For the FP campaign the aim was to bring a playful essence out of the models but shoot in a place that is more rural or industrial. For the maize field it reminded me of being in Zimbabwe and driving past maize fields on road trips. The industrial estate vibe was full on GTA inspired of all the crazy missions and locations you end up in.


What is your favourite fruit?

Hands down favourite fruit is MANGOS, the most elite fruit.


You took a lot of shots during this campaign, 500 in total, which of these would be your favourite and why?

Honestly from this shoot I had the most photos I actually liked from rolls. There was a large success rate and that’s thanks to the models involved just bring good vibes! I love the shot of Tyrus by the truck and also the one of him and Ana in the maize field. Also the colours from the shots inside the cafe were amazing and defo some of my favourites too!