Help India Breathe

For Our Brand Community That Doesn’t Know, Feather pendants is an Indian owned brand. We are devastated at hearing from our families of the inhumane situation in our homeland. The second wave of Covid-19 has purged across families mile on mile, Deaths have reached a record high of 360,000 per day, and people are dying as they queue outside hospitals due to a shortage of oxygen and medical equipment.

I'm so grateful for my position and my brand, carried by the support from my homeland, and our community of gemstone cutters in Jaipur, family in India and communities back home, we want to do more. 

I've compiled three main charities that are helping to provide oxygen concentrators, cylinders and ventilators as the main reason for deaths is the lack of such equipment. We must help India breathe again! 

SWASTH - Fundraising efforts to supply oxygen concentrators where they are needed most.

BAPS  - From Neasden temple, London this British chapter of Hinduism is providing essential relief work, food

SAVE LIFE FOUNDATION - Focused on providing Dehli with oxygen

For more information on how to donate from your country to help India we found a really good website which compiles link for organisations in your home country actively helping out in India. This can be found here. 

We must help the people that the government will not, help India breathe and help communities back home to save their loved ones.