Nigeria: Putting an end to police brutality

 Nigeria needs your help! 

Feather Pendants is saddened and devastated at the news of the long, cruel reign of a government group SARS, exists to serve and protect, yet instead, injects fear into the lives of millions of young Nigerians and innocent communities, stripping them of their dreams, aspirations and life. Police brutality has boiled to its breaking point this year at the cost of millions of oppressed individuals and communities for doing no wrong, as we know this is a battle far from won, we must unite as one to truly seek change and a better quality of life from every corner of the globe. In this case, we unite for Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

What is SARS and why are there protests in Nigeria and across the globe?

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a unit of the Nigerian police force. In June 2020 Amnesty International released a report that showed SARS officers to  stealing, extorting money and murdering the innocent. Despite this, the Nigerian government has failed to take action!

What happened at the Lekki Toll Gate? 

On the 20th of October, peaceful protestors gathered at the Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos waving the Nigerian flag, playing music and fighting against police brutality. Within three hours, dozens of protestors were hit by gun fire from police officials with graphic images being released of protestors and their flags laying on the ground. Police brutality needs to stop! 

The ''SARS RELIEF'' Bracelet?

FP has been built from the very composition that is a multi-cultural support network of friends, family, supporters, aspiring creatives and everything in between. As a brand with a global platform, we will stand together and in unity to combat SARS and attempt to put an end to Police brutality and unlawful persecution across the whole of Nigeria and neighbouring countries. FP will use its internal team and strongly-tied community of customers to encourage much-needed awareness of SARS. 

At FP, We have created a custom resin bracelet in a special colourway illustrating the standout Green & White colours of Nigeria's flag, finished with a silver tactical clasp. Designed to be worn with pride and to raise long-term, everyday awareness on the issue. The FP 'SARS RELIEF' Resin bracelet will be sold at £40.00 and all profits will be donated to The Nigerian Diasporans Against Sars Fundraiser. A campaign in support of those suffering from the aftermath of protests, looting and violence. All proceeds will be distributed to verified and vetted organisations such as LifeBank, Kokun Foundation and more. 

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