Together we stand, divided we fall!

A Message from FP to Humanity

It's on the news, all over social media and cannot be missed. The story of how George Floyd was brutally murdered in broad daylight.

Feather Pendants has a platform and we are going to use it to educate our readers on where we stand and show you why, how and what you can do to help the movement.

Dear Humanity,

As a brand family, we've taken the time to reflect on the detestable issue coming at the cost of black lives silenced by police brutality and have used this time of reflection to address a point of view.

Feather Pendants despises racism and will not tolerate any kind, through any affiliation. Black Culture has cultivated the very composition of our brand since it's beginings 4 years ago. Our brand principles keep opportunities of all creative endeavours transparently open for the black community, as one community.

The significance of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubery and Breonna Taylors deaths has sent waves of shock across the world. We feel deeply saddened it has come at their expense. Yet, enlightened it has woke an entire planet to the wrong doing of those who are sworn to protect us and the injustices carried out against black lives.

The world has a bigger pandemic on its hands, that has been silenced for too long. We will not be silent. We will stand with you. As one.  



Is Air not free

For why do so many pay the price to breathe

If each life is valued why do those outside of others wish to confine & define it

And so, hell becomes apparent

With its endless chains, whips and prison cells

We deem torture appropriate

Out of fear of ourselves

Frightened to learn

Of the lives beyond ourselves  

A knee suffocates

Pleas of truth  


We take to disempower, give little in disguise of greed for more

Progression is not concession

Who kills cold is not of blood but poison

And sickens us all

Let us know that sickness as we are part of it all

Illness owes no favour

Fall not into guilt, victimhood; self-sabotage holds no smarts

Self- reflection is where true change starts

Our inner selves must be where we look  

Consciously conscious of our unconscious behaviour

Intelligence is gruelling and painful, a sacrifice of the highest order  

Truly for it we must come together




Why do we fight for what is right?

The black community has supported Feather Pendants since the start and it is necessary for us to fight for justice, equality and to support the global anti-racism movement.

In the world today we've seen the global giants Nike and Adidas come together to support one cause. The fact that racism still exists in 2020 is absurd and an issue that needs to be addressed together as one community! One Race! One Love!

Black culture has provided inspiration for a number of our jewellery pieces and brand all together, it is just that we speak out in support of equality for a culture that has made us who we are today. We want to give back, educate and inspire our readers to do the same. Unite against a common enemy, we stand together against racism.

How can you help?

If you are not feeling a sense of anger, frustration and a need to make a difference surrounding the events going on in the world today then you do not truly understand what is happening.

The first step to take would be to educate yourself about the matters at hand and what it means to be antiracist. A great way to do this is to look at the education resources linked on the right.

Step two involves getting active in supporting the antiracism movement, educating your friends and family about what it means to be antiracist and doing your part for the movement. Below are some links for you to play your part and help the cause!

Actions speak louder than words and there are numerous well deserving organisations and fundraisers who support #BLM. You can find more links to donate by pressing the button above.

The signing of petitions only require your name and email and is easy to do from the comfort of your home! A full list of petitions in support of #BLM can be found here.


The point of Black Lives Matter does not say that black lives should be more important than other lives but rather that around the world black people's lives are relatively undervalued and as a global community we need to recognise this inequality and finally put an end to it. It is time to actively be actively antiracist and address this issue. Here are nine different ways one may explain why one should stop saying all lives matter.

Feather Pendants will announce a secret archive sale next week showcasing many of our most sought after pieces that have now sold out and will never be restocked. 100% of profits from this archive sale will be donated to the cause. If you would like to be notified when we start our archive sale please subscribe to notifications using the link belo 🖤



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