Introducing FP Talks

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Introducing FP Talks

 Feather Pendants introduces FP Talks, an interactive platform connected to the heart of London's creative industry. FP Talks will host a series of concise weekly interviews with creative artists, gathering insight into their pursuits and the mindsets that enable them to not only do what they do but also illustrate why they do what they do. Our support for the world's creatives forever grows, and the purpose of FP Talks lies in the education of the daily routines and rituals that activate a sense of purpose and supply motivation to such individuals to keep championing the creative field. This is an open and exposed canvas where all people can freely paint their personage drawing from imagination to reality as FP Talks sets itself amongst its peers as a supportive cultural arm into the world we immerse ourselves in.

With feather pendants now holding FP Talks, it is an exemplary figurehead of how as a brand Feather Pendants always seeks to delve deeper into not only understanding the vision behind collections but also developing a well-rounded view into artistry and the inspiration that we pour into all our products. We believe narrative is a key inhibitor to the creative process, powering campaigns and movements alike - so we open our doors to bring you into our story behind the story.






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