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The Feather Pendants Charity Sale

If you have read our blog post last week you will have given some insight to the current worldwide fight against racism and the support for Black Lives Matter. Alongside this the world is currently seeing the largest humanitarian crisis to date in the country of Yemen, currently 11.3 Million children are in need of humanitarian assistance to survive!

Feather Pendants endeavouring never to shy away from a call to crisis is announcing an Archive Charity Sale! All proceeds will be split between ‘Save the Children – Yemen’ and ‘The Red Card’ , the UK's leading educational charity against racism. This archive charity sale is invested in the rerelease of some of our most sought-after pieces that are no longer available. Once the sale ends these pieces will never be available to purchase again! Our most iconic archive pieces are all set to come back into the frame in support of two charities that we hold dear to us, in our hope and quest for radical and incremental change

Do not hesitate to reread our previous blog post for you to gain a grasp of what we at Feather Pendants are about and our opposition to the systematic oppression of black lives and all those persecuted globally. The Red Card “provide educational workshops, training sessions, multimedia packages, and a whole host of other resources, all with the purpose of tackling racism in society.” The propagation of valiant causes is at no lack with many on the ground working for change, further demonstrated by the great work of Save The Children which is "the largest independent aid agency in Yemen. Working on the ground - as well as campaigning for a lasting change - to help children survive this brutal war." All profits will be donated to these causes as we aim to be part of the solution and contribute to the effort of positive transformation to the countless adversities so many endure.


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