Presenting: 6 Essential Summer Outfits with Feather Pendants

Look 1: Refreshing Blues

Our first look consists of two head turning rings from our “Glacial Fade Capsule” hand paved with refreshing blue crystals! When the sun shines, the light bounces off the crystals to create a dazzling sparkle. Combining these with our incredibly popular “Ocean Fade Bracelet” creates an incredibly unique look for summer!

Look 2: Subtle Splashes of Colour

Incorporating pieces from our “Amorphous Collection” and “Colour Fade Capsule” the magic behind our third look lies in the details. Pairing two Koi Fish Rings together brings a new meaning to the piece that symbolises balance in the shape of a Yin Yang symbol. Matching this with our slime fade Cuban adds a splash of colour to the outfit. The perfect splash of colour for summer!

Look 3: Iridescent Styles

Diving into the third look we see key pieces from our “Anarchy Collection” released at the start of SS20. Both pieces plated in an iridescent coating for a truly unique effect. Merging both a subtle pendant piece alongside a statement chain we add variety into this unique style elevating summer fit.

Look 4: Statement Chains

If you wear a statement chain make sure it’s a statement piece! That means go big, be brave and be bold. Our modular Anarchy Chain from the “Anarchy Collection” is the perfect statement piece for your outfit. Pairing this with our unreleased dangling feather earring creates the perfect silver accessories for your summer outfits!

Look 5: Dancing Fingers

This look screams summer! With our baby blue Ocean Fade Cuban paired with glistening rings from our Ice Capsule, the subtle eternity ring band effortlessly displays its versatility. Partnered with the larger set baguette ring it blazes ambiance in awe of the sun. This is the perfect look to have your hands dancing in the light.

Look 6: Sterling Silver Luxury

Our final look takes its inspiration from the depths of the ocean we shift our focus to the Sterling Silver Octopus Feather. A heavy, luxury piece we created designed to add a sense of depth to your outfit. It’s weighty nature allows it to create a nice arrow like drop when worn and with two amethyst beads strung either side. It is a perfect combination of high-quality precious stones and silverware. Blending this with our purple midnight fade Cuban we have created an attractive outfit centred around oceanic purples.

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