The Pre-Fall Style Guide

Up your jewellery game! Mix and match, explore the endless boundaries of expression and jewellery with the latest Feather Pendants style guide showing you five different looks with our favourite pieces from our summer and pre-fall collections. Take a look and get into what embodies you best!

Look 1: Colourful Expression

Nothing signifies a summer approach to styling than vibrant colours and glistening rings. Combining pieces of our Cloisonné Capsule with an iconic resin Cubans for a bold summer look using six different products each contributing their own unique elements to complete the look!

Model: @erika.thorsen

Pieces: Slime Fade Cuban, Black Tactical Chain, Cobra Chain, Cuban Ring, Persian Blue Cuban Ring, Eternal Ice Ring

Look 2: Chunky Chains and Chunky Bracelets

Be bold with your outfit with some of our most heavy hitting chains and bracelets. If you were lucky enough to purchase the Anarchy Chain before it sold out this summer, hats off to you. Pairing our statement piece Anarchy Chain with two of our essential Cuban bracelets alongside our Platinum White Cuban Ring, is sure a way to stand out from the crowd. It’s style shines through as a definitive way to execute a look using solely black and white tones.

Model: @laylatsuki

Pieces: Traditional Cuban Bracelet, Anarchy Chain, Platinum White Cuban Ring

Look 3: Introducing Gold to Your Outfits

Gold may seem difficult to wear at first to new comers but experienced gold wearers should know that the beauty lies in letting gold tones compliment your outfit. Combining three key pieces we were able to achieve an extremely powerful look that strikes at the elegance of the tasteful use of gold.

Model: @faramelo_

Pieces: Chicago Red Cuban Ring, Jade Green Cuban Ring, Cobra Bracelet 18K Gold

Look 4: Neo-Black Vibes

Neo-Black translates to “New-Black”, hence our Neo-Black Cuban Ring is the perfect ring for the nouveau. An arresting ring that calls all to attention can only strengthen your outfits through its complimentary grace. In contrast to this clean fashionable ring we see the Destroyed Ring which sets a paradoxical mood to your style – a clean but rough round the edges look. From our sell out Anarchy Collection, the Destroyed Ring with its semi eroded nature, implies a sense of menace balanced with an attitude of chic flair. When paired with the Neo-Black Cuban ring the two make a dangerous duo!

Model: @Shamelkendrick_

Pieces: Neo-Black Cuban Ring, Destroyed Ring


Look 5: Tri-Colour Blend

You've never seen a more colourful hand before! The fifth and final look uses three signature pieces for a look that resembles our multi-dimensional character facilitated by the colours nature to bring pure life into everything it commands. Mingling our Pastel Yellow, Turquoise and Orchid Pink Cuban Rings along with an iridescent cobra chain – the shimmering presence of your fit will be not be far off of the same glory of the summer sun.

Model: @faramelo_

Pieces: Pastel Yellow Cuban Ring, Turquoise Cuban Ring, Orchid Pink Cuban Ring, Iridescent Cobra Chain