Native Spirit spawns from unique craftsmanship with a hand made, thirteen-piece, sterling silver collection of jewellery combining bold enamel colours and semi-precious stones. Modern creativity meets the timeless symbolism held by arrows and feathers representing strength, freedom, protection and spirit. Every piece in this collection forms a primaeval rhapsody of elements that have been recognized by civilizations since time immemorial. Through the original experience of transforming inspirations into ideas, Feather Pendants' vision of beauty is shown through these sophisticated and refined designs. Embrace your Native Spirit and the inherent call to express your nature through the designs you choose to wear.


''Kokopelli: The Magic, Mirth, and Mischief of an Ancient Symbol''

The Native American urban legend Kokopelli was known to travel from village to village and brought about the coming of spring, very fitting for Feather Pendant's spring-summer collection. A Horse represents freedom and FP's second pendant piece features the head of a stallion. The necklaces are crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and feature a coloured enamel silhouette making them function as reversible pendants. FP once again places artistic craftsmanship and functionality at its core to produce pieces radiant with essence and soul.


Every collection begins from a story, an idea or a eureka moment! This one began gazing at a beautiful sunset overlooking the grandiosity of Mother Nature in the five million-year-old canyon in Arizona, The Grand Canyon. The inspiration for Native Spirit arose from observing the Navajo Nation, one of the largest tribal nations in the United States, a great people who are admired for their high calibre silverwork. With the Native Spirit collection, I took key elements of hope, freedom and strength shown by the Navajo nation and infused them within Feather Pendants' unique workmanship while simultaneously taking the collection home and staying true to our brand roots.