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Feather Pendants Ltd. began in the early summer of 2015 in London. The British Streetwear scene had been growing fast since the early 2000s and by 2015 this increase of young people showing an interest in street fashion was at the greatest ever. One thing that was lacking was a brand for affordable yet street themed jewellery and predominantly male jewellery. Feather Pendants is the result of hard work since 2015 to bring you the most well known, streetstyle inspired jewellery brand, in street culture around the world. Our products have been worn by some of the world’s most famous hypebeasts and influencers and we hope to only spread the Feather Pendants vision even further in the coming years.


"I want to remind you that I started off, aged 16 like a lot of the kids out there in Facebook fashion communities such as The Basement and those wanting to leave a mark on the world of fashion and street wear – that if you work at anything, put enough time and effort into anything you can leave that mark. All big things begin small and even though others may not believe in you, believing in yourself will be what will drive your brand forward." -  (Founder of Feather Pendants)


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