About us

Our story began in the early Summer of 2015. SS15 began with an inspiration and my inspiration came from the feathers made by Takahashi Goro – the legendary Japanese jeweller. However, I saw that Takahashi's pieces were valued at thousands of dollars and I felt the need to provide a more affordable alternative to the wider public.


I began to enter the street wear game which soon became increasingly costly so I decided that I would start Feather Pendants out of the motivation of continuing to be part of the great street wear community and the fact that I could add and leave my own, iconic mark on the culture.




"I want to remind you that I started off, aged 16 like a lot of the kids out there in Facebook fashion communities such as The Basement and those wanting to leave a mark on the world of fashion and street wear – that if you work at anything, put enough time and effort into anything you can leave that mark. All big things begin small and even though others may not believe in you, believing in yourself will be what will drive your brand forward."


Kush Shah - Founder of Feather Pendants .


instagram: @featherpendants @featherpendantstalk @fpclo 

Contact: customerservice@featherpendants.co.uk


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