Hallmarked with a seal of 'FP' approval. The INTERSTELLAR collection was conceptulised in Londons famous jewellery district - Hatton Gardens, ready to be released to go out into the universe.

We’ve created A strong selection of rings with precious stones taking inspiration from different aspects space has to offer. Some of the highlights include the volcanic surface ring with a unique setting for stones or the mars ring with beautiful red garnet crystals.

Interstellar is a collection that dives deep into what space has to offer from colours to crystals to texture. Each piece has its own unique story to tell and discovered by the wearer as they embark on their journey.

A sterling silver (18K Gold Plated) collection drawing inspiration from the colours of the cosmos. Exploring the rocky textured surfaces space has to offer and shrinking it down so the surface of a meteorite can be envisioned on a premium signet ring. Each piece has been handcrafted from silver and inlaid with various semi-precious stones. Blue topaz, brown quartz, red garnet and deep purple amethyst crystals straddle the collection adding an unearthly shine to the pieces.