Sizing Guide

How to measure your ring size?

One of the most important thing when purchasing a ring is to know it fits. 

To find your accurate ring size the best option is to visit a Jewellers or a Jewellery Store. These places should measure your size for free or very cheaply. When asking for your size make sure to get the USA ring size so you can easily choose the exact size from the website.

If you are unable to visit a jeweller then the second option is to use the DIY method below. It may be less accurate due to human error but if done correctly it will also provide you with your ring size.

1. Wrap a piece of paper or string around the base of your finger

2. Mark the string or paper where the two ends overlap to form a circle 

3. Measure the distance using a ruler between the marks on the string

This video above should show how to do it. Please use the chart below to check .