Anarchy Earrings
925 Sterling Silver

Anarchy Earrings

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Inspired by punk and anarchist symbology these earrings are perfect for a subtle, modern look! They are available in both 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Plated these unisex earrings are the perfect additions to any outfit! 


  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 5mm x 5mm
  • 2x Included 

     When purchasing jewellery it is essential to make sure that it fits! It is always better to get your ring size measured at a jewellery shop however if that is not possible we have created a guide with some DIY methods to do it from the comfort of your home! 

    Ring Size

    Feather Pendants use US sizing for all of our rings, if you know your UK or EU ring size please refer to the guide below to convert it to your US ring size. 

    Option 1: 


    1. Save the image above

    2. Print out the image at 100% (turn printer scaling off)

    3. Measure the arrow with a ruler and make sure that it is 3.5''

    4. Cut the outline out where you see a scissors symbol and wrap it around your finger

    5. Read your size using the image above for reference! 

    Option 2: 

    1. Measure the internal diameter in mm of a ring that you already own
    2. Alternatively, wrap a piece of string around your finger and mark where the ends meet with a pen
    3. Then measure the distance in mm to get the circumference of your finger in mm
    4. Use the size guide below and correspond your measurement to your correct ring size
    Note:  If you are inbetween sizes it is recommended to size up
    Now you know your ring size you can get shopping! 


    Bracelet Size

    Our bracelet sizes range between 7.5"-9" with other sizes available on request. These refer to the circumference in inches around your wrist. 

    1. wrap a piece of string around your wrist and mark with a pen where the ends meet

    2. Using a ruler, measure the distance between the point and start of the string in inches

    3. If you are between sizes it is always better to size up

    Chain Size

    Our chains are measured in inches. Use the image guide below to select the perfect length for you! 


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