White Gold Buckle Chain Emerald / Sapphire

Main Stone:
A game between heavy-duty and classy; the Buckle Chain is constructed with tightly woven Cuban links featuring a size gradient around an embezzled buckle down clasp. We've revolutionised the classic belt buckle into a statement-making piece of jewellery! The Buckle Chain and Bracelet are incredibly powerful when worn together to empower your style. All of the chains feature a 12mm-16mm gradient Cuban distributing the weight of the Buckle Chain evenly around the neck so that the buckle can be worn at the back, side or front of the neck depending on the wearer's preferences. 

We advise girls to wear 16'' and guys to wear 18''. 


  • Limited Edition
  • Stainless Steel Quad Dipped in 18K White Gold Gold
  • Size Gradient 12-16mm
  • Length 16'', 18''
  • FP Buckle Clasp Mechanism (Registered Design)
  • Nano Emeralds and Sapphires

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